Saturday, 3 September 2011

A-V-A-Tor ...

Hello all lovely readers,
We meet again and how is your weekend going on so far?I am down with flu again for the second time since few weeks ago,but I spent some time outside these 2 days to get some fresh air.
My outfit this time is repeated but I got myself a pair of aviator by Ray Ban!

Well,since I am a big fan of aviator,and have long been holding my eyes on these items,this time I was determined to have one pair for myself!
Happy weekend everyone and have a great day !

Cardigan:F21/Dress:H&M/Jeans:F21/Bag:Fossil/Pumps:Fashion Club/Bracelet:DIY Friendship bracelet/Aviator:Ray Ban

*Picture credits to Sabrina*


  1. Again??! Take care of yourself >_<

  2. And I'd like to give an award to you!!! Say 7 things about yourself, and give this award to another blogger ;)

  3. Thanks all for nice thoughts dropped here.

    @Maasa : Thanks for tagging me and I will do that soon ;-)


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