Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I've been Tagged ! Major Alert !

Hello lovelies,
I was tagged by my dear friend ,Maasa Chan and requested to tell out 7 facts about myself.Haven't done this tagging for so long ,but it's nice to make it again ;-)

Thanks again Maasa.
And maybe this time I should not limit the facts to fashion only,but some little not-so-known facts about me for my dear readers ;-)

1.Maasa Tsuge,the girl who tagged me is my best japanese friend I met when I was in Japan (2005 - 2009) and she is like the smartest girl I've ever met in my whole life.Like seriously.She is a GENIUS!

2.I graduated from Nagoya University , Japan , in Bachelor of Biotechnology Engineering,but currently working in Malaysia's no. 1 automotive company , PROTON.Weird,I know :P

3.At my current company,around 1 and a half year ago I met by sweetheart,RAMON BISSWANGER who was hired by my company as our IT technical consultant.Yes,weird again ,I know :P
And we're madly in love with each other and looking forward to the next step in the future ;-)

4.If I have to choose of my favourite item for styling up,I'd prefer to answer : handbags.I have a pile collection of handbags since in college but most of them have been donated to my friends and sisters :P .But ,my current obsessions are killer heels ;-)

5.I am always trying to be a better muslimah day by day and somehow this blog has taught me to wear what I supposed to wear and not to wear what I supposed not to.Before ,I wore leggings as my main bottoms,but nowadays,I stopped doing that for the love of God ,I forbid myself from nail-coloring or hair-dying,no body-con,no heavy make-ups , no sheer clothes and am trying my best to cover my chest when wearing hijab ;-)

6.I love learning different languages.I can speak Malay,English and Japanese fluently and am looking forward to learning German ;-) or French (sounds sexy,don't you think? )

7.Last but not least,I love everyone who loves me,mostly my family for bringing me up to where I am now,my friends who are being loyal to me and I love everyone of you too,dear readers ;-)

So,I want to tag everyone majorly who always drops by here reading me either frequently or occasionally ;-)




  1. I'm surprised that you've already posted!! Thank you sooo much ;D I really love you, and your thinking :-) I wish you'll be happy with your bf ;)

  2. woww, amazing facts u have, Hidaya! love the number 3 the most! teehee..
    hope u both happy always, n get married soon.. but u hv to invite me, for sure! haha :D


  3. thanks both for commenting.Sure Icha I will invite you one day ;P

  4. u have a nice blogg and love ur style! :)

    / Aesha


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