Thursday, 22 September 2011

Liebster Award

Hello all,
Icha and Fatima just awarded me with "Liebster Award"(favourite award it means I guess,right Fatima?).

The rules have been said,I need to reblog it here and link back to the person who awarded me with it,select 5 of my favourite persons whose their blogs inspire me and leave comments on their pages as well.

So,thanks again virtual friends for selecting me,though,I beyond far,have nothing to inspire you all beautiful ladies out there ;-)

If I could,I would choose more than 5 persons,because limiting to choosing only 5 persons sounds too cruel to me,because they are many many inspirational blogs out there that I read as my daily basis.(and I believe that I cannot choose the persons who awarded me back?Can I?)

However,for those who are not choosen,please feel free to award yourself with this too.

Here goes my list of my Liebster Blogs ;-

1) Asyik , Malaysia

2)Humaira , Singapore

3)Maasa Chan , Japan

4) Ikatrina , Indonesia

5) Shea , Malaysia

So, again,please feel free to spread the love to your friends too ;-)


  1. u deserve for it babe..
    keep it up the gud work

    ps: just let me know when u visiting indo ^^,

  2. thank you so much Hidaya..
    second time i got this award..:)

  3. teehee.. kak Asyik got two! u deserve it, kak! :)
    my lovely Ikatrina gave it to me, n u gave this award again to her, Hidaya! :D
    aww.. so happy having lovely blogger fellas like u all, ladies! <3

    keep blogging, n spread the love!

    much love,


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