Friday, 11 November 2011

On a Beautiful Cloudy Sunday Afternoon

Hello lovely readers,

Happy Eidul-Adh to all muslim friends out there.I know it's quite late already to wish everyone,but better late than never ;-)

I spent great moments at my parents' house last week,one of those few times we all as a family gathered together.Speaking of which,I feel a bit sad when to think that every one of us has grown up so fastly,leaving home for a new place and only meet each other only few times per year.Well,that's the biggest price everyone has to pay for being grown-up :P

Nothing on outfit look this time,I had a small accident at my parents' house last week,a small broken glass got into my toe palm and it hurts quite a lot.

I'm not being able to walk normally nowadays,and walk slower than usual,also no heels for me at this moment ;-(
Well,that sounds a bit depressing for me,because I can't just get my feet in flats all the time.Sometimes I need to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in heels.

This won't be any better in a couple of weeks I see,but I hope for it to get better from day to day.

So,till then.


  1. oww so sowy to hear that... get well soon, dear Hidaya! :)

  2. Thanks you for your concern Icha,My foot is getting better everyday.I went to see a doctor finally.


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