Thursday, 24 November 2011

I Left My Heart in Paris...

These pictures are the examples of my boredom :P
I googled for some picture editor websites and stumbled upon this website.I gave it a try and browsed through my old pictures from Paris last June and decided to give a little touch to each of the pictures.

Ah,I miss this city so much,a city of complete difference from any other cities I've ever been in.

Hope one day I'll come back here again.

What do you think of the pictures anyway?


  1. Thanks Asyik.Ni pakai picture editor je pun.

  2. AWWW-mazing pictures!!! Love love love love love them all! <3 :)

  3. I love all these pictures ! :)
    wow they are very beautiful & I'm going to visit Paris also :) I'm so exited!

  4. Masyallah I love the ur photography !!!

  5. So pretty masyaAllah! This makes me want to go to Paris so, so bad..


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