Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A little Peek of ... bag collections!I know,not many,because I have either donated to friends and siblings or they were torn out so I had to say goodbye to them.But,these are exactly my favourite ones at the moment,though I plan to add some more,but not so soon :P

Oh,did I tell you that from now on,I will stop my massive shopping and save more money for travel and FUTURE?Finally,I can think money as a crucial item,and only use it when necessary.Doesn't mean to say that I will stop on shopping completely,but once in a while,I will buy some stuff according to my need,and hunt for more items come in good quality ;-)

I just bought another closet last August as my second one,but guess what,my second closet still cannot keep all my clothes ;-(
Which is also a sign that I should really stop on massive shopping.

What do you say?And have you been contemplating with the same problem like mine?

Maybe next time ....A little Peek of my....Shoe collections!


  1. wow! love the yellow & the purple one ♥

  2. Would U donate for me ?
    I think U will not wear it anymore.
    Coz U always buy new one,
    and forget old one.


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