Friday, 23 December 2011


Hello all,
See the pictures below?Recently,I purchased a jumpsuit and when I tried it out in front of the mirror few times,I had this idea :I think I am reluctant to wear in in public :P.
Get the idea why?Eventhough it looks good,but people around me wouldn't really think so,in fact they must think I am awkward for wearing something too fashion-advanced,I mean at least that's how I feel here.Don't you think so?

Whoever has experience wearing jumpsuit(with hijab) and feels good in it,please let me know.I wish I had confidence that high ;-)

Besides,jumpsuit looks good,but when you have to "do" what you have to do,it's gonna be a bit of a mess :P
You know what I mean,don't you?

Btw,what do you say about me in jumpsuit?Should I wear it for out and about and be proud of it?:P Or no?


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  1. Just wear it will look great on it..
    I am also posting and wearing about jumpsuit before this..


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