Saturday, 24 December 2011

Recipe 2 : Lasagne

Now here is the second recipe by me.I am down with flu today,and my sister is here for the weekend,so I baked for her a simple lasagne.Again,it was overcooked :(


 Meat sauce 
Minced meat
One big onion (slice in small cube)
One spoon of tomato paste
a pinch of soup spice
A pinch of salt

White Sauce
1/2 Margarine
2 spoons of flour
A cup of milk
A pinch of salt

2 1/2 Lasagne noodles
a little bit of butter or margarine for spreading all over the baking pan
A baking pan or aluminium pan

How to make:

1.Cook the minced meat for a while until it's soft and tender,and mostly cooked
2.Add the onion,mix well
3.Put the tomato paste,salt and soup spice.
4.Mix again and when ready,let it be cold at room temperature for 30 minutes or so.
5.In the meantime,prepare the white sauce
6.Mix all the ingredients for white sauce and stir always.This is to make sure the flour mix well with milk and margarine.
7.Let it be cold at room temperature too.
8.In the meantime,preheat the oven at 180 C,and prepare the pan by spreading the butter/margarine all over it.
9.Pour all the ingredients by layering orders as below :

From bottom to top
White sauce
Meat sauce
Lasagne Noodles
White sauce

Repeat as many times as possible,but most likely,you will get 2  layers of each ingredient.

10.Baked at 180 C for 20 minutes

Lesson Learned

1.Ramon said the layering order isn't correct,which the exact same thing that makes me confused.I googled the layering order on the internet and found many variants  and decided to make my own :P
2.From the baking result,20 minutes of baking time is enough if you'd like to have the half-melted cheese effect.
3.To bake it for 20 minutes,next time I shall boil the lasagna noodles for a couple of minutes or soak them in the hot water,because apparently,without boiling them,20 minutes isn't enough to turn the noodles into soft.
4.The lasagne was kinda oily,from the margarine I used for making white sauce.Next time,I was thinking about eliminating white sauce,or if I want to have white sauce still,I need to reduce the amount of the margarine.
5.But,on top of that,the lasagne still tasted good :P

Happy baking everyone!



  1. dua tiga menjak ni kan,i xleh nk control nafsu mkn i..haha..makin melampau sehingga membulat tgk post u lglah kan..hihi

  2. Thank you for sharing the recipe, babe! I've always wondered how to make some awesome lasagne! Heh!

  3. Thanks all,
    You shall also read the lesson learned I just updated for the maximum result.

    Happy cooking everyone.

  4. i had tried it for once! it taste really good, i love it! :))


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