Saturday, 24 December 2011

Snake Print

Good Morning guys,
 Just a brief update from last night activity. I went to watch Sherlock Holmes with my sister last night who happened to be in town for work purpose. It was a story I always look forward to watching,mind-boggling .  

How about you?Have you watched it and do you like such kind of movie? Eventhough the weekend finally arrived,I am down with flu again ;-( Looks like my health this year isn't as good as last year's,which was included in one of my resolutions early this year :To achieve good health. 

 Anyway,I just got home from work before the movie,so I I chose whatever comes first from my closet. I like my new snake-print top I bought last week in Malacca,and snake-print is so in now! Also the shoes I am wearing are so comfortable,I swear! They're like the most comfortable heels I've ever bought,and don't be surprised that I might wear them more oftenly. Also,they didn't cost me a lot of fortune because they were on sale from Aldo.What a steal! 

 See you soon guys.

Top:Mango/Top(Inside):F21/Tapered Pants:H&M/Bag:Mango/Shoes:Aldo /Bracelet:Bought at Jonker Walk,Malacca

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  1. i have watched it, too, n loooove the movie!! think the sequel is better than the 1st one, d'ya think, Hidaya? :p

    well, Jude Law never fails to attract me, though! hahaha *winks


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