Saturday, 17 December 2011


Although today is Sunday and by default tomorrow is Monday and Monday is the first day of working,but we have a public holiday tomorrow,due to State King's birthday.Woohoo!

Every week,I always plan to explore new place,or I'd rather say,avoid places like malls and head to more relaxing places like beach or park where I can have picnic,and also more time for chit-chat with friends.

Today,Sabrina and I went to Gold Coast in Sepang and we had a brief picnic there.It was very relaxing eventhough the beach wasn't really a beach,we can hardly see the sea water,instead it was muddy but we had so much fun walking back and forth for few metres on the muddy area!

Again,I opted for a flowy skirt today,and these are the pictures from today.

Bye guys.

Cardigan:H&M/Skirt:F21/Belt:F21/Shoes:Fashion Club/Ring:F21/Bracelet:H&M/Shades:Bought in Japan some years ago/Bag:Also bought in Japan


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