Sunday, 29 April 2012

Because I Love Yellow

Yes,because I just love yellow.It has nothing to do with me supporting the yesterday's rally(Although I practically support it,if you ask my personal opinion).

Well,I guess,I gained quite a lot of attention from many people in the mall I went today.It could be because I wore bright yellow after yesterday's rally,or because many people noticed I got it from Thepoplook(I call it Thepoplook phenomenon in the town nowadays) or because I look ugly in it (hopefully this one not) or maybe vice versa :P

Tell me what you think about it.
Till then.


Maxi Dress : Thepoplook (New)
Jacket : Unbranded (Last seen here)
Shoes : Zara (New)
Bag : Coach (Last seen here)
Golden Cuff : H&M (Last seen here)
Scarf : Unbranded (Last seen here)


  1. gorgeouuuuussssss =D

    we have same interest in yellow laa dear.hihihi

  2. Hidaya, love the dress..Yellow are awesome wlpn I jarang pakai warna ni tp cantik utk kamu..:)

  3. Wow Hidaya you just look gorgeous! I was pondering whether to buy the dress or not...I didn't now ideeply regret it's totally fabullous!

  4. ohh I love this outfit! especially your dress & shoes! (:

  5. Thanks all.yellow is actually a nice color


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