Monday, 9 April 2012

It's Our 2nd Year!

Well,this is a special post for special someone,so please excuse me as this might be a little on the personal side.

Dear you, 
Thank you for being with me through ups and downs for the past 2 years.It has been an adventurous roller coaster ride,one year together and the other we've been on distance ,but there's nothing that could drive us apart,and we're happy that way like nobody else's business. 
It's a pleasure to meeting you two years ago on this date,though I was a bit reluctant to know you more better because I can't just resist your good-looking and I know,it's like in the movie,seeing a cute guy and I melt :P
Speaking of that,now I realize,it's not just about good-looking that makes me like you,but it's your honesty,and who you are that makes me jump from just liking you to loving you :P 
Though through the way,we are just like any other couple,we fought,then we made up,we were mad at each for ridiculous reasons(especially me :P),but we know,we are two of a kind,together we make a great team! 
It's been two years,and I hope we're gonna celebrate our third year as a bigger couple,with a legal matrimony and as better muslimah and muslim-to-be.
I'll pray for us and for you. 
Ich Liebe Dich.
He recommended me to post this one on my lookbook wearing his jacket when I replied "Hell,no,it's fashion disaster :P" -Cologne,Germany,June 2011-

This is supposed to be a personal picture,but I don't care.Today I posted it up because I always love this picture.He was trying to imposture someone by doing this :P

-Stuttgart,Germany,June 2011-

Our first picture together.We went on our first date to National Zoo and KLCC Philharmonic that day.I hate his hair this time but didn't say a word about until it until few weeks after that :P

P/s : I was reluctant to write this post actually,but I do hope you won't judge me on anything I say,it's just I try to show some words to my special one on our 2nd year which is today

More posts on fashion  coming up right soon.