Saturday, 7 April 2012

Vintage Much?

Salam Guys,
It feels like I haven't written in here for so  long.Sorry,not much going on this time,just busy with work,mainly.
So,guess what,since my proclamation,I haven't shopped a single new cloth at all!
I hope it'll continue and let's see how long can I survive :P

Though the dress you see today is actually a new item,but I bought it just before my proclamation,and since I have been lusting over a nice lacey dress,and when thepoplook advertised this one,I just grabbed it as fast as I can,because their items are mostly fast-selling.

What do you think of it anyway?I think it brings a little of vintage effect,though for other parts,I still stick to edgy and well,"just me" style.

I don't know how to define much about vintage,other than lace,petite and cute girls,some pretty bangs hair,but I guess I am not good with vintage.But,I really adore girls out there who know how to pull the vintage style off very nicely,but I'm fine with sticking to my own style ;-)

Have a nice day everyone!

Jacket:Unbranded (Last seen here)
Dress:Thepoplook (New)
Jeans:F21 (Last seen here)
Bag:Mango (Last seen here)
Shoes:Aldo (Last seen here)


  1. as always cantik.. love your necklace.. :)

  2. dayah, seriously i like this post..:)

  3. thank you all!

    Wawa:I also love that necklace,especially its pendant.Having it since last Raya


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