Saturday, 2 June 2012

HFW Day 7 : Style Crush

I almost decided to draw myself  out of this theme.It's not that I don't have a style crush from HFW participants at all,in fact,I do have many,but it's not easy to shoot some pictures for this theme as I am always occupied with other things,and besides,my talented photographer is out of town at this moment.Hence,explains why I don't publish good photos this time.

Fret not,because I finally decided to go on,no matter what.One of the participants whose styles I admire is none other than our Singaporean Hijab girl,Nadya.I love her flawless style,and it's not too much to say that I think I have quite a similarity in styling up with her.

Her styles are mostly simple,but stunning!In fact,I started to follow her blog when she participated in HFW A/W 2011.See,how HFW brings many sisters together and gives us chance to know each other,and dig in their styles?

Although,I wanted to shoot some more pictures representing my other style crushes like Zinah or Icha Dermawan,but I am sorry to say,I can't :(

About the outfits I copycat,first,I took inspiration from Nadya's third day,"Time Travel" and dressed up my own way.Haha,just look at the pictures,but please don't ask me where did I find the pants because to tell the truth,if I don't belt up,they might just slip from my bottom :P

And second,I took the look from SizzlingSuzai's idea of date night outfit,simple,and cute :P.Co-incidentally,I am also a fan of light sweatshirts,and I have few pieces from F21,because they sell many cute sweatshirts there.

So,guys,what do you think?Lemme know ;-)

And well,with today's theme,comes the end of HFW S/S 2012.Congrats and Tq to all persons involved in this,and what can I say is,I truly enjoyed this rare experience to be participating and hope I'll make it to next time.

To new sisters I met through this journey,keep in touch and may Allah bless us all!

P/s : Dress modestly,modernly,and most importantly,dress to represent how beautiful Islam is!

*Nadya and Suzai,here I ask for your permissions to post your pictures and tq guys in advance!*

Picture from here

Top : F21 (Last seen here)
Loose Pants : Parkson(very old,they were actually my work pants,but no,I didn't even come in such size before :P)
Leather Belt : Soda (Last seen here)
Long Cardigan : F21 (Last seen here)
Bag : Mango (Last seen here)
Brogues : Vincci + (Last seen here)
Flower clip : F21 (New)

Picture from here

Sweatshirt : F21 (New)
Skirt : Thepoplook (Last seen here)
Gold Cuff and Bracelets : H&M

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  1. Love the skirt! I prefer when the sweat-shirt is tucked in the skirt.


  2. you looks different dear but gorgeous..:)

  3. Wow you look like both of them i thought they were just pictures of you hehehhe!!
    Awesome job!

  4. Very cool! I like how you kept the polka dots from Sizzling Suzy's outfit, but wore it in your own way!

    It was great getting to know your style more through HFW!

    ♥ Wafa of

  5. Love th etwo outfits :) They're so awesome!

  6. You did a great recreation both outfit ... You love amazing

  7. Oh my!!!!! So touched that you did this hehehhee! and you did a jolly good job at it babe!! :D


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