Saturday, 23 June 2012

Liebe Aus Deutschland

I haven't received parcel from my bf for quite some time already.The last one didn't arrive at all,logistic problem,I guess.

So 2 days ago I received one from him.You know that moment when you received something from your special someone,you smile till ears and you know the parcel was specially wrapped only for you,only for you :)

Ramon sent me a leather jacket and a blazer to replace the 2 jackets that didn't arrive at all.They both from H&M.Well,I am a big fan of blazers and jackets,so I guess I'm gonna show you my jacket collection soon.

He also sent me some magnets from places he traveled to recently.Well,I also have a huge collection of fridge magnets from many places around the world,mostly gifted by Ramon because he is a world traveller!

Till then.

Er,since when am I married?

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