Sunday, 3 June 2012

Azya' Bazaar

I didn't have much to do today,so I decided to go to the Azya' Bazaar at The Strand,Kota Damansara.
There were many vendors selling many kinds of apparels,shoes,the unique type ones,those you don't normally get anywhere easily.

I met Wawa Tasliman and her blogger friends,and was happy to bring back some stuff from the bazaar.
And met many inspiring ladies in muslimah fashion sphere .

Till then guys,

Dress : Unbranded (very old,2009)
Long Sleeves : F21 (Last seen here)
Jeans : F21 (Last seen here)
Necklace,flower clip : F21
Charm-bracelet : Unbranded
Satchel : Newyorker (Last seen here)
Shoes : Aldo (Last seen here)


  1. Wah, awesome Hidaya..I juga xsempat nk pg sbb masih bercuti di kmpg..:)

  2. Cute scarf, lovely colour! I think yellows, blues and greens are your colours. Your face looks very bright and exquisite! :) Ah and You met Wawa! so cool!Salam and have a nice day!



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