Saturday, 23 June 2012

V for Varsity

Hi guys,
Today is movie day.Guess what I watched today?I watched Tim Burton's new movie, Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter.Two reasons why I chose to watch this movie

1)I love Tim Burton's fantasy movies
2)I love history especially Abraham Lincoln is known as one of America's top 3 greatest presidents.

You guys should watch it too.
And today I wore my new varsity jacket I bought in some online shop last month.It was a major bang for my bucks!

If you're interested to get one for yourself,please email or drop comment and I shall answer where did I get this.

The quality,superb,except maybe a bit hot to wear in this type of weather.You know what,fashion is all about experimenting,I call it fashion against weather :P

When I wore this jacket today,suddenly I remember when I was in university,I played softball(some sort of baseball,but easier version) and I was quite good at it,though I am not athletic at all.Only when I came back to Malaysia,I almost forgot about my memories playing softball with my lab mates because softball or baseball aren't famous at all in Malaysia :(

Too bad,because playing softball brought me so much fun!

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Varsity jacket : Bought online (New)
T-shirt : F21 (Last seen here)
Denim pants : H&M (Last seen here)
Bag : Mango (Last seen here)
Sneakers : H&M (Last seen here)


  1. xsbr nk tgk cte Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter..:)

  2. Hi care to share where u got ur vsriety in the link of the online shop..ive been searching high and low for one but to no avail..thanks

  3. u look soo sporty n kewl~~
    <3 it! :D

  4. I just adore your style :) Where did you buy the varsity jacket?? I'm a bit on the plus size.. Do you think it will suit me??

  5. Hi..Where did you buy the jacket???

  6. Hi..Where did you buy the jacket???


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