Wednesday, 29 August 2012

2012 2nd and 3rd day of Eid and Give-away winner!!

Well,raya excitement continued on day 2 and 3! On second day,I cooked lontong/lodeh(recipe coming up soon) and chocolate cake while my mom cooked laksa. 

On third day visited an old friend on her wedding day.How time flies,seeing most of my school friends got married and own kids already. Me?Soon,haha! 

P/s :
And here is the winner of my first give-away.

Ezeikel Ibrahim from Singapore! 

Please contact me at for details and delivery.
Many thanks to all who had participated.More give-aways in the future,Insyaallah!

Third day
Second Day
Maxi dress : Thepoplook(New)
Scarf : Mango(New)
Bag : Coach(Last seen here)
Shoes : My sister's
Basic Inner : F21

Third Day
Bottom/sarung : Kain Batik Sarawak gift from my sister
Clutch : Zara(Last seen here)
Clogs : Charles&Keith(Last seen here)


  1. Mashallah! You look beautiful. I hope you had an amazing time...belated Eid Mubarak to you too :)

  2. Pretty.. You balik mana Hidaya?

    1. First,I balik rumah parents I kat Kota Bharu,then kitorang drive ke Penang.My nenek is there.
      We should celebrate raya together ;-)

  3. Cantik..
    combination calaqisya top dgn sarawak batik tu mmg menarik..:)

  4. Eid Mubarak, Hidaya! :)
    beautiful as always,but waaaatttt I missed ur first fiveaway, so sad.. :(

    salaam for ur family.. xoxo :)


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