Monday, 27 August 2012

2012 Eid Day 1

Salam guys,
After a week of raya break,I could finally blog again!
I still accessed to internet from my iphone during this period of time,but no real internet at home.
In fact,who bothers to update a lot of stuff online when raya was just too much fun?:P

Alhamdulillah,I have finished my one week of raya holiday with family and friends.
My raya this year was a bit hectic,as I spent days with my family in Kota Bharu,and on fourth day of raya,we drove all the way to Penang to visit my relatives there,plus many invitations to friends' weddings.

First day of raya was always the best as I got to eat a lot of typical malay raya dishes,including lemang,ketupat,rendang,sate,kuah kacang and so on.

On second day,I cooked lontong/lodeh and for the first time after 4 years,I baked chocolate cake again,or I'd rather say steamed it,as I was always bad at baking.Always failed ,but not this time.

As for the outfit,on first day,I opted for typical baju kurung.For me,baju kurung is a must.No matter how fashionable and modern raya outfits have become,baju kurung will never go out of time.

More raya stories coming up soon!

P/s:I will announce the winner of my first give-away in the next entry.

Till then.
Mia Familia

 Tuki,our family cat


Baju Kurung : Custom Made
Clutch : Zara(New)
Clogs : Charles & Keith(New)
Bracelets,rings,necklace : Mango Touch and F21

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  1. Salam Hidaya,
    Lain kali kalau dtg Penang calling me..hihi
    Asyik ada kt Penang juga blik rumah family..

    btw love your clutch & clogs..:)


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