Thursday, 30 August 2012

Recipe 10 : Lontong

So,as I mentioned in earlier post,here is a simple version of lontong by me.Of course there is a harder version,adding all sort of spices that I don't know of ,but rest assured,this one recipe still tastes the same! 

One inch of tumeric(kunyit)
One inch of ginger(halia)
2 big onions
2 red onions
A few of garlic
Tempe sausage
1-2 red carrots
Long beans
Puchuk and suun*
Coconut milk(can also substitute with ordinary milk)
Cube rice*
Sambal ikan bilis*

*Mostly found in Malaysia,hehe,not sure if can be found anywhere else.

How to
1.Soak puchuk and suun in hot water until soft
2.Blend tumeric,red onion,onion,ginger,and garlic
3.In the meantime,cut the vegetables in any shape you like
4.Put the blended ingredients in the pot,stir well for a few minutes.
5.And then add coconut milk and adjust the volume by adding water if necessary.
6.Let it boil and add hard vegetables first like long beans and carrots.
7.Lastly,add the remaining ingredients,stir well and it's ready(Let everything cooked for 15 to 25 minutes)
8.Serve with rice cube and sambal ikan bilis.

Fuh,it doesn't sound that easy,anyway :P
But,trust me,it's the easiest of all lontong recipes available.

Happy cooking!

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