Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Recipe 9 : Prawn Aglio e Olio

It's been quite a gap of time since last time I posted my simple recipe here.And during Ramadhan,I see many food pictures posted everywhere,be it on instagram,facebook,or twitter.

It's undeniable that in Malaysia we are spoilt with so many options,like food from Ramadhan bazaar,buffet at restaurants and hotels,and the best part is,our moms' cookings.

I'm normally not a picky type of person when it comes to food,but I tried to avoid from buying food too often.

So,last weekend,I cooked Prawn Aglio e Olio,a very very simple pasta dish,for pasta cravers.What more,it's a healthy menu for a dieter like me :P

So,here is the ingredients and recipe.


Spaghetti angle hair
Olive oil
Garlic and red onion(chopped)
Dried chillis
Button mushrooms
Prawns(peel half of the shells and veins and keep these for prawn stock)
Salt and black pepper
Hot water
Chicken cube stock

How to

1.Cook the angel hair until al dente
2.In the meantime, saute the prawn for few minutes in a frying pan
3.Boil the prawn shells and heads for making prawn stock
4.Also boil the button mushrooms until soft and when they're soft,cut into small pieces
5.Also don't forget to soak the dried chillis in hot water for a couple of minutes
6.When everything is ready,the last step is to prepare the spaghetti
7.Firstly,pour olive oil in a frying pan and saute garlic and red onion for a few minutes
8.Then add the prawn stock,Chicken cube stock and salt.
9.Mix well,add dried chillis and mushrooms
10.Later put the spaghetti,mix well,and add the sauted prawns.
11.Lastly,season with black pepper and ready!

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