Friday, 21 September 2012

Recipe 12:Cocktail Pudding/Agar

Not that sure whether this recipe worth a sharing or not,because it's too easy.
In case if you wanna try this out,here are the ingredients and the steps.


Agar(you can use powdered agar or the typical malay stripped agar,I bought mine in Tesco)
Evaporated milk
Sugar(up to your desire of sweetness)
Vanilla essence(optional)
Mix fruit cocktail(I bought ayam brand in can)

How to
1.Boil the agar strips or powder with water and adjust the volume if necessary.Make sure don't use too much of agar powder or agar strips as this may lead to hard pudding
2.When the agar is melted,add evaporated milk.I use 1 can to give extra milkiness and creaminess to the pudding :P
3.Add fruit cocktail,I don't separate the cocktail,add it too
4.Lastly taste with sugar as much as you like 

P/s : Are jelly and agar the same thing?

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