Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Precious Collection : Fridge Magnets

I once promised you to post my fridge magnet collection that I have been collecting officially since 2010.
Well,though not many,but I love them so much because it's not easy to get these from the original places that I have been to,and mostly,where my bf has been to.

I wish I were a world traveler just like he is,it's just the matter or time and money :(

Before this,I loved collecting key-chains from the places I have been to when I was still studying in Japan,and then postcards.

So guys,what do you love to collect?Care to share?


  1. Babe, I nak yang logo tube london tu boleh tak?? :)
    banyak sgt and make me jealous..

    1. Boleh Boleh,nanti bila I pegi London,which tak tau bila :P
      Eh,nanti I whatsapp you ye pasal plan Sabtu ni.

  2. byknya..nak texas tu..hihi..I nk pg ntah bila la kan..
    semua menarik..:)

  3. Mak aaii... Byk nye... ! Kita pon suka gak kumpul menda nih.. Good luck with your travelling plans.. Have a blast!


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