Sunday, 1 December 2013


Salam guys,
Believe it or not,we're now in December,the last month of a year.2013 has been serving me very nicely,generally,except the illness that I developed lately.But I'm so grateful to Allah for this beautiful year in my life.

Yesterday we went to Nürnberg/Nuremberg,to mainly visit the famous Weihnachtsmark/Christmas market and to meet a friend of mine and her kids and Ramon's friends.

It was a lovely day though the market was so crowded with so many people and the weather was very cold to my liking.

Till then.

Congress Hall,where the center of NSDAP was.To be honest,I don't really know a lot about this building,it was purposedly built to be the center for Third Reich organization/Nazi

Nürenberg City Center,and the stalls that take part in the christmas market,we shall come again to see the Altstadt/old city of Nürnberg,it's so medieval.

Kinderweihnachtsmark/kids Christmas Market


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