Thursday, 26 December 2013

Lago di Como

Salam guys,
Finally I reached my mood to write this post :P
The reason why is because I am now on vacation and somehow the weather in Italy was not the best.We reached since few days ago and it rained non stop from morning till night,the weather in Swiss was perfect but once we entered Italy it rained like no tomorrow.

The forecast said the weather shall be better tomorrow where we'll be heading to Pisa(Leaning Tower),so till then,I update about my first day in Italy.

We went to Lago di Como(Lake Como) which supposed to be very beautiful in Summer,but these pictures are the best we could come up with so far :(

If you know actor George Clooney,he also has a villa near the lakeside here.
After Lake Como we went to Milan,which also turned into a gloomy city :(

Will blog about it too,soon.


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