Monday, 30 December 2013

Portovenere,La Spazie and Cinque Terre

If you guys are wondering,we're still in Italy as it will be our 2-week-vacation.After Milan we went to Portovenere,La Spazie and Cinque Terre in the west coast of Italy.

Again,the weather wasn't on our side until the day we departed from La Spazie to Pisa the weather turned a perfect one.Too bad :(

But,we did enjoy our stay for 2 nights in La Spazie and experienced black-out in the hotel,and not forget,thunderstorm :P

Anyhow,I believe that we'll come back again here someday,perhaps in summer for better view and weather.

Till then,


One of the five Villages in Cinque Terre,too bad we couldn't visit all the villages here as the pathway to the other villages were closed due to rainy days.

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