Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Esslingen Weihnachtsmark

Salam guys,
How was your weekend?I had a nice one eventhough I was a bit under the weather.It comes and goes pretty much these days,and I hope I will get better for our Roadtrip next week that we have been planning since before our wedding.

It was supposed to be our honeymoon trip after wedding,but after that I had to wait for my visa to arrive before I can flew to Germany.So now as I am living nearer to these destinations,we decided to make it true this time during Christmas holidays starting next week.

Last Sunday we went to the Christmas Market here in Esslingen,a small city 8 kms away from Stuttgart.The Christmas Market here is famous in Germany.

See ya!

The manual old-aged Ferris wheel run by a man

Grandpa Cardigan:Primark
Pants:No brand
Scarf:Brands Outlet

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