Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Recipe 21:Pavlova

Hello guys,
I'm back again in this recipe segment.Haha.
So,as I told earlier,I didn't do much during my CNY holiday,all I do was baking and baking and baking.
And this pavlova I made,was on my first trial,though I'd say,my mom helped me whisking the egg whites,afraid if it might not turn out good.

A day after first trial and it was a success,I tried making one on my own,only that mine turned out as a big failure.I'll explain the reason why later,and to cover the failure,I made another meringue for the third time,and it was a success.

Here's the recipe for you Pavlova lovers.

4 egg whites(Make sure the egg whites are clean from egg yolk or egg shell)
200 g icing sugar
1 tbs corn starch
1 tbs vinegar
Whipping cream(either whipping cream from aerosol packaging or liquid whipping cream from carton)
Few drops of vanilla essence
Mix of fruits as you desire(I used very sweet mango and red grapes without seeds)

1.Whisk the egg whites using electrical mixer for few minutes until stiff peaks form(when you hold your bowl upside down,the meringue doesn't tend to fall),but don't overmix
2.Add sugar,little by little and keep mixing
3.Pour in corn starch and vinegar and keep mixing for few more minutes but don't overmix
4.Preheat your oven at 120 degrees celcius
5.Put a parchment paper on your baking tray,and draw a round line to where you want to load your meringue(picture below)

6.Load your meringue carefully following your drawn line and when the oven is ready,bake it at 120 degrees celcius for approximately one hour or until your meringue turns brownish.
7.When the meringue is ready,don't transfer the baking tray from the oven,just let it completely cool in the oven itself with oven door ajar.
8.To make sure that your meringue is cool down is by touching your oven door.If it is not hot anymore,then you can transfer your meringue from the oven onto your kitchen wire rack.
9.Don't get intimidated if you see your meringue cracks here and there,because that means it is a success

Whipping cream 
10.If you use whipping cream in carton,whisk it with few drops of vanilla until it turns creamy,but make sure,don't overmix.

11.Lastly,Pour the whipping cream on top of your meringue,and decorate with your desired fruit selections.
12.Store in the fridge for few hours before serving for best result.

*I failed on my second trial because I reduce the amount of sugar to only 1/4 of 200 g as suggested.I am quite particular with the amount of sugar in my cooking,and yet I didn't realize that reducing sugar in this pavlova recipe would only make it a big mistake.

So,instead of using fine sugar,you can use icing sugar because normally it is less sweet,so 200 g will still be tolerable in term of sweetness.

Happy baking,guys!!

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