Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Welcome to the New Age

For some people,they won't understand why would I celebrate this blog's age.
For them,it doesn't mean anything,but for me,it means something huge.

I don't have much time to write long,enough to say that I love this blog so much,and will keep continuing writing it from time to time.

For the moment,I love writing about my favourite in fashion(The main reason why this blog happened) and later I added some more genres like homemade recipes and my travel diaries,maybe in the future,a year or two from now on,the direction of this blog will change little by little.

But,one thing for sure,the biggest 3 elements in this blog,fashion,recipes and travel diaries will always be inserted until I decide to stop writing one day ;-)

Thanks all for your time reading this small blog,and to those who always comment,thanks big time to you guys!!

Please scroll down for my latest entry.

P/s:I am still thinking the best present for my third give-away.My apology for keep you guys waiting.Will do soon ;-)


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