Thursday, 7 March 2013

A little Getaway:Singapore Day 1

Hello guys,
I am very sorry for my absence these days.I am actually juggling between work and personal matter,and if I'm gonna explain it here,it wouldn't just end that easily :P

Anyhow,I needed a break from my daily routine,last week I went to Singapore for a little get-away.It has become like a must to visit this city each year,and I never get bored of it.

Here are the pictures from first day.I will update my second day pictures soon.

In the meantime,I still owe one special entry for this beloved blog,which just turned 2 on March 3rd.And I will be giving away some gift to my lucky reader.

Enjoy the pictures,peeps!

These spiky shoes didn't give me any love,they bit my feet so badly

Little India

Song of Sea show.Not bad,but not the best
Marina Bay Sand at night.Spectacular.
Singapore at night


Thanks for dropping by !