Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wedding Journey Part 2

This is the last entry of my wedding journey.Hope you're still fine reading this entry :P
So this is how our pelamin/dais looked like.Yes,it's a freaking simple one,because my husband wanted it that way,and I respected his decision.But I can't help but hearing some people commented nastily about my pelamin just because it was simple yet a bit pricey.I tried my best to keep my calmness and politeness but can't help but burst into nasty respond to her back :P
*Nasib la kutuk sangat pelamin orang lain*

Pomander Balls DIYed by me and my sisters.Love doing this as it is simple and can save a lot of money as well.

For make-up,I opted for a very light make-up because I basically don't like heavy bridal make-up eventhough many people say with light make-up your pictures won't look that nice.
Some friends commented it looked just nice as it was not heavy,and more importantly,my husband recognized me as who I am rather than being made up to turn into someone else :P
You know what I mean,don't you?

For shoes,I don't think much and just bought a pair from C&K.I love the glitters on the shoes and more importantly,they suited for both my solemnization and reception dresses because of its nature color.
For the Hand Bouquet,I bought 2 pots of flowers 2 weeks before the wedding day because I knew during raya holiday,the roads are so jammed and many flower shops or supermarket were not supplied with fresh flowers due to holidays.

Unfortunately,the other pot didn't grow so well,don't know what was wrong,so that explains why I only had one color of flowers for my hand bouquet for 2 days!
Btw,My mom did the bouquet for me.Thanks mom!

So,this is how our bedroom looked like.It was DIYed fully my me and my family.Mom parents chose the curtains and flowers arrangements,and the rest were done by me.At first,I was not so sure about the color of the bedroom,but at the end,it looked so perfect and cozy :P

This is what we had for meja beradap.Very simple right?No udang panjat2,and I was the one who cooked the chicken for this event.Haha,I cooked the chicken one hour before the event started,but Ramon's family commented the food was good.Fuuhh!I asked my sister to do the tissue decoration,never knew she was good at decorating the table tissue.

And this is how the canopy for local guests looked like.The rest was arranged by my parents,including the food selections for guests that day.

I think not too much if I show you my wedding rings.Well,being a typical Malaysian,I love golden ring but it should not be over the top,just a simple one,so I told Ramon that was a must :P
And then,being a European,they prefer for the couple to have couple rings and normally they opted for silver.
So,Ramon got us a pair of Palladium rings with our names and date of marriage carved on them.

Lastly,a little review of my wedding venue.We had our nikah session at state mosque,Masjid Sultan Yahya Petra,Kota Bharu.
Since I was a teenager,I always had a dream to be married there,for some reasons,the mosque itself is a new mosque,so the color and the architecture of the mosque is modern,and that's the reason why I always love this mosque.
Finally my dream came true ;-)

That's all for my wedding review.
Have a nice day everyone!


  1. beautiful wedding..congrats..:)

  2. alahhh yang cantik je pelamin u! mereka pasti jeles sbnanyer hehe btw many many congrats to both of u :)

  3. Hi Hidayah,

    Hope it's not too late wish congratulations on your wedding it's a beautiful one masha Allah.

    I'm pretty amazed that you could maintain a 3-year long distance relationship and how it ended up beautifully.

    I'm sure the story of how you met him and how you two started a relationship would be an interesting one!

    Write me back if you have the time! :)


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