Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Assalam guys,
How was your raya yesterday?We didn't celebrate it big as we are still in the process of cleaning the apartment,and it's quite messy right now with majorly,my stuff :P But I cooked rendang for our lunch yesterday,it was my first time,and I was very satisfied.Even Ramon ate a lot of it.

It's been my fourth day in Germany,and I am doing pretty good so far :-)
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the German class teacher and there might be a little test for me before I can proceed to the next level.Oh,my!

Stuttgart City Center

On Sunday,we arrived at Frankfurt International Airport and were welcomed by Ramon's parents,my parents-in-law and later they drove us back to Stuttgart,which is around 2 hours drive from Frankfurt.You can google about the city I am living in for more details.

 Evening cake and pastries prepared by my in laws.

As this is my second experience living overseas after Japan,I already knew what to expect about my living here,the difference is,this time I am home,home is where my husband is :)

Many times,living in Stuttgart brought back many memories of me living in Japan before,especially Nagoya,the city where I lived in Japan has so much similarities with Stuttgart,it's not a metro city like Berlin or Tokyo,but big and convenient enough to live in.

Nowadays,it's fall season,the lowest temperature we had so far was 9 degrees,and I still can cope well with the coldness,but I should not underestimate the extreme whether here,as according to Ramon it could drop to -20 degrees one or two days per year!

So,welcoming winter very soon,the last few days we went for winter clothes shopping,and groceries shopping.

Winter clothes shopping was for me mainly,and yes I went gaga seeing all the trendy winter clothes!I love winter clothes shopping so much when I was in Japan,mainly because there are just many winter boots to choose from!

Haha,can't wait to show you my winter outfit of the day soon.

And one of the many first impressions I got from living here is the spoilt choices of groceries here!
There are just so many choices and guess what,the prices are crazily cheap!!!

Food is cheap,toiletries are cheap,clothes are cheap,and even the imported stuff also not that expensive.I enjoyed grocery shopping here and now I have 1001 recipes I want to try !

This is a section dedicated to chocs only.Oh,wait there is another one in the same supermarket!

On Monday my husband starts working already,and I was left alone at home.Most of the time,I did cleaning and repack my stuff to put in correct places.Today I plan to go out for a little sightseeing alone.

I want to take this as a challenge for myself as one way or another,I must make friends and talk to as many people as possible while being here.

My major problem is that I don't speak German for now,I may understand little conversation,but other than that,my understanding is almost zero.

It's so much different when the first time I arrived in Japan.There,I had no problem to walk alone outside most of the time because I can speak Japanese.

Now,I have to work hard to be able to speak German and make friends with everyone!

Wish me luck,friends!

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