Sunday, 6 October 2013

Malacca Sightseeing

Since we're married two months ago,We still haven't got the chance to go for a honeymoon.Most of the time when we are together,we had many things to settle before our departure next week.We have settled many stuff together by now so today we decided to go out of the town heading to Malacca for a little sightseeing.

A couple of months ago,we saw a picture of Malacca Strait floating mosque in a magazine,so today we planned to go visit it.It is a picturesque mosque facing the Malacca Strait.

Later we visited the city center and the historical buildings before driving back to KL as I was a bit under the weather today,again :-(

My outfit is kinda boring these days as I have packed most of my clothes and only few
 pieces left until departure 

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