Sunday, 20 October 2013

Homemade Burger Patty

Hello guys,
I don't remember when was the last time I posted a homemade recipe up here.Must be few months ago :P.That time with the wedding preparation,I had no time to cook properly,most of the time I cooked something simple for myself.

But this time it's different,I cook for two people in the house.You know what they say,the key to a man's heart is through his stomach :P

My husband liked my cookings so far,so yeah,that's a good thing.Most of the time,I try to mix western and eastern in my cooking.

Last few days I cooked homemade burger patty for us.
Here it's not difficult at all to find halal butchery or poultry,as you can find easily in Turkish shops that normally attached to the mosque. is the simple recipe for you guys.

350 g of meat,depends on your desired portion
A little bit of thyme
Red Onion(Diced)
One egg
Sauce for flavoring
Lettuce for serving
Or any other veggies you like like tomato

1.Mix all ingredients except ingredients for serving in a bowl and mix well

2.Shape the burger patties suitable to the size of the buns

3.Grill the patties on the frying pan

4.When the patty is ready,put a slice of cheese on top and put in the microwave for one minute
5.Serve with grilled with butter buns,veggies,sauces or any condiments you like.


  1. sedapnya burger tu dayah..lazat jer nampak..:)

  2. sedapnyer! boleh try resipi ni sebab kat sini memang takde jual burger halal. kene buat sendiri je :)


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