Friday, 18 October 2013

Stuttgart City Center and 1st OOTD

Hola guys,
Happy coming weekend to you guys!
Our weekend will be fulled with shopping activities!
Hehe,mainly household shopping :P

Yesterday we went for an appointment with my German class teacher and I had a test!I thought I did quite bad after leaving my German revision since June,but guess what,my result was quite good for my level :-)

My class will start next week Tuesday everyday five days per week.Nowadays I try to speak as much German as possible with my husband and even when we go to some shops or restaurants,I will try my best speaking German ;-)

I guess my husband must be bored already I asked him a lot of questions :P

Now,back to my outfit.To be honest,the weather nowadays is still warm,it's warm fall,but just in case if the temperature drops drastically in a day,I'd rather go out with a thicker coat.

What I observe here is,many people prefer to have warm and thick jackets eventhough the weather is still not that cold,very opposite to when I lived in Japan.People there don't mind to wear thin jacket in cold weather,even they wore mini skirt in winter!And whatmore,barelegged!

Last few days I made some new friends!Just accidentally met them while we were passing by a kebab restaurant.They are some students at a nearby university.

Till then guys!

Sweater shirt:H&M
Scarf:Brands Outlet
Necklace:Bought in Japan


Thanks for dropping by !