Thursday, 20 February 2014


At last,I have the mood to blog about my Italy trip last month.It was long postponed because I did not enjoy it to the fullest.Mood swings,morning sickness,bad weather,all mixed up together.But the last destination we went to was probably the most favourite one.

Venice as well described is a lovely place and romantic.Perhaps I shall come back in Summer to see its beauty again.

Anyway,here are some pictures when we were there.
See ya guys next time.


Rialto Bridge,the most famous one in Venice

San Marco at sunset

Riding the cheap Gondola at 2 Euro to cross the river 



  1. Nice pictures you took, dear! And you looked sweet as usual though a bit pale. Now do take care!

  2. sis, where did u buy that coat? love it ! ^^


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