Tuesday, 1 April 2014

21 Weeks 5 Days

Assalam guys,
How is your weekend treating you so far?I am enjoying my stay in London a lot despite that I am now going through a not so healthy condition.I have been suffering from constipation and hemorroids,which are quite common in pregnancy once the baby is growing and giving your a certain pressure in certain place.

For that matter,I cannot walk that much as it hurts me in the *** so much,and it makes me regret a bit that I cannot spend longer time here in London today.

We have prescribed some suitable medicine from the local pharmacy and hope I will be able to enjoy the rermaining 2 days in London to the fullest!

A little update on the pregnancy
Little one inside me has been kicking so actively lately,and to make it more meaningful,she kicks hard enough that my husband can already feel it from outside when he puts his hand on my stomach.
And she's been devoloping a new favourite.She's into really candy crush song,like seriously,everytime when I play it,she will start kicking me.Basically,that's just my theory,it could be that she hates it that much that she kicks me :P

As for me,I have been feeling very pregnant lately.Before,I keep complaining when my belly will come out,although I have reached 5 1/2 moths already.

I always feel easily out of breath and a lot of gas in the stomach,backpain every morning after I wake up from sleep,and in addition to the hemmoroids and constipation I have been having recently,makes my emotion these days a bit down.

I should not complain,right?

And guess what,we have been naming our little one and already call her with such name!
Though we'd like to keep it private only to us for this moment till delivery.

Till then,peeps.I will update more stories about London!

Oh,how much I miss London already :(


  1. macam i dulu la, start keluar hemorroids masa week 5, langsung x boleh berjalan, lepas minum air 5-6liter sehari baru lah xde sembelit sampai deliver. Semoga semua urusan awak dipermudahkan Allah. tak sabar nak tgk ur baby =)

    1. Thanks Masitah,hari ni dah better sikit hemorroids ni,lega.
      Saya ni jenis malas sikit minum air,sebab tak larat nak ke toilet,tapi sekarang dah banyak minum jugak,nak cepat baik kan.


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