Saturday, 15 March 2014

Our Little Sweetpie

As I thought Spring is finally here,today it started to rain again,so no POOTD for today.
Last Tuesday,we went for my monthly check-up and guess what,we finally got told of our baby's gender!

So,we're expecting for a .......


Personally,I don't mind either gender,as all kids despite the genders are blessing from Allah,and we are the choosen ones by Him to raise our kids the best ways.

During the first trimester,my instinct said it's a baby girl,and later turned to a baby boy and my husband kept saying it's gonna be a baby girl until the day we went to see the doctor.

Well,he got it right :P

Till then peeps!


  1. congratulation hidaya =D semoga baby and mummy to be ni sihat yee =DD

  2. Congrats hidayah. Taking care.


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