Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Insel Mainau

Salam guys,
Long time no see.The fact is,we just got back from Holland for our third babymoon trip :P
But,to be honest travelling during pregnancy isn't that easy,although morning sickness had completey vanished,but other side things came along during the travel.

Guess we have to wait till the baby is here and can travel with the baby later :P

About 3 weeks ago,we went to Swiss to meet a friend of my husband for his birthday.On the way,we stopped at a flower island called "Insel Mainau" that belongs to the royal family of Swedish.It was my second time here after the first time in Summer 2011.The flowers were in full bloom everywhere and they just made me and my husband go gaga.

Well,during our trip to Holland,we also had a visit at the European largest flower park(If I'm not mistaken) called Keukehof that is mainly famous for Tulips.Well,what Holland without Tulips, right?

I will write about my trip to London and Holland soon too.
Till then love!

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