Friday, 11 April 2014

5th Check-up

Assalam Guys, On Tuesday we went for my 5th check-up.The first thing I was afraid of,is the fact that I might gain weight a little bit more than before.Haha,and yes I gained 1.5 kgs in 4 weeks this time :P.To be honest,I realized lately that I like to eat junk food in my spare time.Everything,chocolate,tids and bits and etc. 

 But that didn't concern me the most.what I concerned the most is the fact that I am approching my 6th month of pregnancy,but my baby bump is still very small.Normal people wouldn't notice whether I am pregnant or not,and I haven't yet got a privilege to be seated in a full train because people can barely see my baby bump :P

The doctor couldn't say "It's normal" this time,in fact she told me only examination can determine if everything is fine with my little one.Alhamdulillah,there was nothing I should worry about as my daughter is doing pretty good inside me,and her weight is now 511g,which is appropriate related to her age in my womb. However,the due date was revised to 2 days later than before.

I was so happy upon hearing my baby is doing very good.

 Baby SA was trying to put her thumb inside her mouth during the ultrasound.Next time we plan to make a 3D or 4D ultrasound.

But,of course,there is also a thing that saddens me the most right now.It's the fact that my parents and family cannot be here with me during delivery due to work commitment.Last week, I received a big parcel from my family and they sent me some baby stuff and stuff for my confinement,and just seeing the baby clothes my family sent already could tear my heart into pieces.

I am sad that they might not be able to see their first grandkid on her first day in the world,and for few more months to come after that.

However,my parents are still planning to come no matter what because my mom especially,is worried so much of how will I and my husband handle this together.It's our very first time in our life,and it has become a tradition in Malaysia generally,that the mother will take care of her daughter-in-confinement after delivery.

And that tradition has been going strong in my family since few generations before.

Well,I still hope my parents could make it to Germany during my delivery day.

Till then.Bye.

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