Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring Love

Salam guys,
Finally weekend is here!It feels like weekend everyday for me haha!
Well,finally Spring is not shy to show itself anymore in Germany.

Flowers blooming everywhere and everything seems like in a dream.Flowers,birds chipping.nice weather,blue skies,ah I wish Spring could last forever.

And I don't want to take this beautiful season for granted.So,today I had a stroll with my husband in a university park and on the way to that place,we came across a heavenly beautiful place with a long row of cherry blossoms trees right and left of the road.I just couldn't skip taking photos there and for that matter,my husband had to make a u-turn back to that place :P

It was just beautiful!

Till then,peeps!

Have a nice weekend!

Maxi dress:H&M
Bag:Old from korea


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