Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer Flowers

Salam guys,
How time flies,I am already in my 30th week of my pregnancy,10 more weeks to go.Can`t wait to meet our little junior,but somehow I also feel I`m gonna miss the moment when I carry her around inside me once she arrives.How close she is now to me,she`s the closest to me :)

During this pregnancy,I didn`t really focus on buying maternity clothes(except pants),because lucky(shall I say I am lucky) me,my baby bump is relatively small and my weight gain is also considered as low.However there are times when I couldn`t help but seeing myself in the mirror and I realized my body shape is not like before I get pregnant anymore :(

Well,I will do the confinement very strichtly and hopefully I will lose weight as much as I can.

Maternity Pants:H&M
Bag:Mango Touch


  1. i'm happy for u and take care sister

  2. Confinement is the best body healing moment EVER! You're gonna get back those figure of yours, insya Allah.


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