Saturday, 10 May 2014

Favourite Blouse & 6th Check-up

Assalam peeps,
Finally the weekend is here.Today we went out to IKEA again to buy stuff for the baby nursery,speaking of which,we already finished around 50% of it.So glad that finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel and found a way of how to create a little comfort zone for our little junior.

I will take the pictures of the baby nursery one day.In the meanwhile,I tried one of my favourite blouses and to my surprise,I can still fit in it at 7 months :P

 Blouse:Brands Outlet
Maternity Pants:C&A
Bag:Mango Touch
Shoes:Bought at local supermarket

Except,I have given up on wearing my normal pants since weeks ago as the baby bump keeps growing each day.

Last Tuesday,we went for the 6th Check-up and wanted to capture the picture of our little baby in 3D form,but too bad,she didn't want to co-operate at all,and keep crossing her hands in front of her face :( .I came home in despair,but instead the doctor printed the picture of her fingers which somehow resemble mines :)

The doctor promised to try next time during my next visit in week 31st.I also took the diabetes screening test,and to my surprise,the glucose drink was not bad at all.Haha,I don't mind to take the second glass.

Also this week,we had visited 2 possible hospitals to look at their facilities for labor.We still plan to visit 2 more hospitals and will decide the best one for us soon.

Till then peeps,

Love ya!

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