Saturday, 17 May 2014

Summer Green

A beautiful day,beautiful weather and I hope for a perfect weekend!
Last week was not easy for me,the week before I was run to the emergency department at the hospital as I had a little spotting/bleeding and I swear,my heart literally stopped from beating.Alhamdulillah,nothing serious happened,the doctor said sometimes when the baby is too active,it could also hurt the mother,and that explained of my little bleeding.

And last Monday,I got a call from my doctor saying that my Diabetes result was not so encouraging.And then I had to do the second test again,the night before I had to fast for at least 10 hours and the nurse took my blood 3 times which I came home with bruised arm.

Luckily,I got a call yesterday that my result came back negative.The whole week I was in sorrow knowing that I might be suffering from GDM(During pregnancy).

Thank god for everything.

Till then,people!

Maternity Pants:H&M
Bag:Mango Touch

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