Thursday, 1 May 2014

26th Week

 Salam guys,
Finally I reached my 26th week of the pregnancy,and finally the baby bump is not shy anymore to show its appearance :P

Right now,we are working on the baby nursery little by little and once ready,I will post some pictures of it.

Next week I have the monthly check-up and also I have to go through the gestational diabetes screening test,it's compulsory here and I heard many of the not so nice things about this glucose drink pregnant ladies have to take :P

Hope everything is fine with me and my baby.

 Playing with dried dandelion today

Till then.


  1. assalamu aleykum, maşaAllah sister! selamlar Türkiye'den! :)

  2. Tahniah Dayah..semoga bertambah sihat dan segalanya berjln lancar nanti..;)


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