Monday, 9 June 2014

A Little Sightseeing and Husband's Birthday

I have finished my German course that I took since October last year last week.It was a hard time to finally say goodbye to some friends though we can actually contact each other and arrange for a meeting somewhere someday.

Anyhow,I am happy that I will have more time for myself and I am planning to do more things till the baby pops out.

On Saturday,my husband turned 29th and I made a simple Victoria Sponge cake for him and later that day we went for a little excursion to an old castle not far from Stuttgart,and as my husband forbided me from cooking that,we only ate outside in an Indian Restaurant.

However,the Summer is really here and it is so hot these days,oh,I miss kinda hot days as in Malaysia :P

Now have to get used to that again.

Till then.

 Dress:Bought at local supermarket
Maternity Jeans:H&M
Sunglasses:Mango Touch

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