Thursday, 5 June 2014


Salam guys,
Still remember last time I did mention about our trip to Holland?It was during the Easter Holiday and I was around 6 months pregnant that time.
Well,Holland is very beautiful and for me,it's completely different than Germany eventhough they are just next to each other.

We found out that language barrier is not a problem at all in Holland because mostly everyone can speak English here,even old woman working as a train conductor.It just made my life easier :)

On the first day we went to Kinderdijk,a tourism place famous for classic windmills.What Holland without windmill,right?I think we went there in the right season,because flowers blooming everywhere,and the other big reason why we came to Holland is because we wanted to visit Keukenhof,the infamous Tulip garden in Europe.I will blog about it soon.

Till then.

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