Friday, 27 June 2014

Health and Beauty Routine in Pregnancy

Along this pregnancy,I always put in mind to take the best care of my health and to minimize any  side "income" that many pregnant ladies are prone to like stretch marks,water retention and etc.

Especially in the 3rd trimester,once the stomach expends bigger,the stomach oil massage is necessary for me each day after shower.Just few drops per day to avoid stretch marks and dry skin around the belly area.These products I use are the same products from Johnson,except known with different names here.

Another type of massage that I have started doing since this week is Perinium massage using this Waleda massage oil.This is the brand as suggested by my mid-wife,but you can also opt for other type of natural oil like virgin coconut oil,or olive oil.Since I am aiming to do the birth delivery as natural as I can,this massage is also very important in order to mnimize the tear at the perinium area during the delivery.

Other than that,the supplement that I have been taking since before I conceived is this multivitamin suitable for conceiving women,pregnant women,even breast-feeding woman.And,I have also been taking this Pomegranate juice as I read that Pomegranate juice is very good for pregnant lady and for the good health of the baby.

Last but not least,I think it is very important too to fill ourselves with a lot of pregnancy and delivery knowledge.It is not a simple thing,so a lot of reading will help to open our mind in the preparation of welcoming another Allah's servant to this world.

Intimidation always comes in my mind,but I always think that this is a jihad for me to bring a new human-being into this world,so that makes me become positive and each day,I cannot wait to experience this delivery.

Pray and wish me luck,friends!

Lastly,Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Kareem to all friends all over the world,we'll start the first day of Ramadhan here on Sunday!

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