Saturday, 21 June 2014


Salam guys,
Ramadhan is coming pretty soon and I am so thrilled to celebrate it.But,there's one but.At first I wanted to try at least fasting for few days,which fasting period here is up to 18 hours per day.

I have been thinking about this many times lately,the time when the fasting month comes,I will be in my 36th week,and at the end I was just not so sure about it.Of course,I have an exception not to fast and thinking about the life I am carrying in my womb should be my number 1 priority now.

Just like yesterday,when i had my lunch late,the baby started kicking so hard until she kicked weakly,and still I didn't have my lunch(due to some reason).Even after I started on my lunch,she didn't kick me anymore till evening which left me in worry,all I could do was crying until she started to kick again weakly.

Well,if it's the best for my baby,I think the best thing to do is not to fast,at least I will try,but if she cannot stand it,I have no choice.

So,I have around 7 more weeks till she arrives.We are so happy,yet nervous and scared at the same time,but of course,our happiness is on top of everything.

These days in the evening,my husband and I will go for some walking at the places nearby,forests,vineyards,parks just to get some fresh air and also I want to do more exercises these days before she arrives.

And the best thing is,my mom and sister are coming over next month.Can't wait!

Till then.

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