Thursday, 30 October 2014

Our Little Family

It has been like ages since the last time I wrote in this blog.That time I was still in my confinement period,and now I'm all free!And guess what?My baby girl will turn 3 months old soon.How time flies!

And as I'm blogging this,we are now spending our 7 week-holiday in Malaysia,and our exact current location now is Singapore.It is indeed a nice 5 week-holiday so far,back with my family in Malaysia.

Everyone is loving the little one in the house unconditionally.Many things and events in the past 5 weeks since our arrival in Malaysia happened,starting with the Raya Aidiladha to Alayna's Aqiqah ceremony,our cuti-cuti Malaysia,and later my sister's engagement and now our trip in Singapore.

I will try to blog more of our travel and events,in the meanwhile,some pictures of our little family.

Ok,guys,till then.Love ya!

The cheeky Alayna,she's all grown-up

On the day of my sis' engagement

In front of KLCC

The bored girl in her stroller

Papa and Alayna 

Gardens by the Bay,Singapore

Disclaimer:The pictures on this blog might be from now on taken with my phone.Being a new mother has somehow limited myself from taking decent pictures using camera :P

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